Aaron Rodgers is criticized by former quarterback Shaun King, who refers to him as “the most selfish QB of his generation”.

The story of the veteran quarterback of the New York Jets missing minicamp is still causing a stir among experts and former players. Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King didn’t hold back in a recent YouTube interview, denouncing Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers as the most conceited quarterback of his time. NFL commentators Chris Broussard and Nick Wright mirrored King’s thoughts on their program First Things First, where they also criticized A-Rod for missing OTAs.

Although Shaun King called Aaron Rodgers “one of the most talented throwers of the football,” he also pointed out a concerning tendency in which players put their own ambitions ahead of the good of the team.

Although Rodgers was aware of the schedule, King chastised him for missing the minicamp, highlighting how his absence hurts HC Robert Saleh’s standing and might impede rookie receiver Garrett Wilson’s and other young players’ development.

King underlined, “How do you make sense of the Jets and their situation? Expressing dissatisfaction with Rodgers’ purported lack of leadership. Like, he’s blowing off required practices. I think Aaron Rodgers is the most egocentric & self-centered quarterback.”

Former players criticize Rodgers’ absence.

Analyst Wright also voiced his opinion, calling the four-time MVP a “phoney” for missing the mandatory minicamp and raising doubts about Rodgers’ intentions. A-Rod’s actions were called “selfish” and “ridiculous” by both Wright and Broussard, which fueled the media criticism.

The Jets don’t appear to be concerned by the constant media backlash around Rodgers’ absence. Rodgers’ pre-existing personal engagement was apparently the cause for his absence, which the team deemed “unexcused,” even though it had been disclosed to them beforehand. Even while teammates were understanding and head coach Robert Saleh played down the absence, talk show hosts and experts have been more critical of the player.

In reaction to the continuous criticism, Rodgers has not yet made a public statement about the matter. It’s unclear how this dispute will affect Rodgers’ reputation inside the organization and the dynamics of the squad. All eyes will be on this scenario and whether Rodgers can heal the divide caused by his absence as the NFL summer goes on.

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