actor Bruce Willis: In the wake of “scare stories,” Bruce Willis’ wife offers a health update on the celebrity.

Bruce Willis, actor: Despite being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, Bruce Willis continues to lead a life filled with “love, connection, joy, and happiness.”

Following allegations that the actor is “without joy” in his life following his dementia diagnosis, Bruce Willis’ wife has given an update on her husband’s condition.

Emma Heming stated that she was “clickbaited” by a family-related headline and felt compelled to dispel false myths about her husband’s life.

Heming said that even with his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, the action star leads a life filled with “love, connection, joy, and happiness.”

According to Dementia UK, FTD is an umbrella term for a collection of dementias that mostly affect the brain’s frontal and temporal lobes, which are crucial for personality, conduct, language, and speech. Actor Bruce Willis

The headline essentially indicates that my hubby is no longer joyful, she said in an Instagram video.

“Now, I can guarantee you that is not at all the case.

“It’s time for society and the folks creating these absurd headlines to stop making people afraid. Bruce Willis, an actor

“Stop scaring people into thinking that a neurocognitive disorder diagnosis means everything is solved. It’s finished. Let’s wrap it up. There is nothing else to see here. We are. We’re done. No. That is entirely not the case at all.

“There is loss and despair,” she went on. That’s it. However, you start a new chapter.

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