aespa (에스파) – Mine

“Mine” is classified as hip-hop dance music. It is distinguished by its dreamy vocals and minimalistic aesthetic, which are all built around a dominant 808 bass sound.

The song’s Sing-Along Texts discuss expressing the genuine self that lies behind one’s inner fear and understanding that it is a falsehood.

It draws listeners in with a different tone while telling the tale of overcoming trauma via acceptance of one’s appearance.

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Sing-Along Texts

예고없이 지는 그림자 (Mine)
두려움을 먹고 자라나 (Mine)
깨진 거울처럼 fake
우리의 초상화
점점 날 삼켜버릴듯해 (Mine)
It’s a mine, know you want it like (It’s all mine)
It’s a mine, know you want it like (Mine)
It’s a mine, know you want it like
It’s all mine (Mine)

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