ALBUM: Gracie Abrams – The Secret Of US

“The Secret of Us” is American singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams’ second studio album.

June 21, 2024, Interscope Records published it after her first album, “Good Riddance” (2023).

The singles “Risk” and “Close to You” are from the album. Beginning in September 2024, Abrams will embark on her fourth headlining tour, The Secret of Us Tour, in support of the album.


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The Secret Of Us Album Tracklist

  1. Blowing Smoke
  2. Close To You
  3. Felt Good About You
  4. Free Now
  5. Gave You I Gave You I
  6. Good Luck Charlie
  7. I Knew It, I Know You
  8. I Love You, I’m Sorry
  9. Let It Happen
  10. Normal Thing
  11. Risk
  12. Tough Love
  13. us. ft. Taylor Swift

Released June 21, 2024

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