ALBUM: Infant Island –Obsidian Wreath

rage whilst in grief. Obsidian Wreath, Infant Island’s third album, envelops both the listener and itself in this emotional realm.

The album is about trudging through the end of the world, where the accelerating capitalist extractive exploitation, the climate catastrophe, the apathy towards social health stemming from the recent mass deaths, and an unending stream of other ongoing crises too numerous to list constantly loom large on the horizon, rotting away at the edges of our vision like a borderline disease. The album Obsidian Wreath explores the pessimism of the world’s slow, violent destruction as well as how to deal with a totalizing, unachievable reality that never stops asking you how can we go on.

Obsidian Wreath Tracklist

Another Cycle
Found Hand
Clawing, Still
With Shadow

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released January 12, 2024

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