ALBUM: Linda Thompson – Proxy Music

Linda Thompson, a well-known British singer-songwriter, has a pretty unusual latest project. Thompson delivers 11 never-before-heard original songs on the aptly called Proxy Music.

These songs were recorded by family members, close friends, and admirers. Teddy Thompson, a gifted singer-songwriter and co-producer of the album, and his mother, Thompson, chose the musicians that would play this new batch of songs “proxy.” Thompson suffers from a severe voice disease that restricts her ability to sing. “Everyone was someone we thought was appropriate for the song,” says Teddy.


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Proxy Music Album Tracklist

  1. The Solitary Traveller
  2. Or Nothing At All
  3. Bonnie Lass
  4. Darling This Will Never Do
  5. I Used To Be So Pretty
  6. John Grant
  7. Mudlark
  8. Shores Of America
  9. That’s The Way The Polka Goes
  10. Three Shaky Ships
  11. Those Damn Roches

Expected June 21, 2024

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