The fourth studio album by American musician LUCKI, GEMINI!, is a direct sequel to his record Sx Mney Dr*gs, which was released in July 2023.

The album was first revealed on LUCKI’s X account in late September 2023, with the following appropriate statement: Lucki’s album “Gemini” On January 22, 2024, the first of two doubles singles, “2 Faced,” was released.

Five days before these songs were officially released, music videos for these songs were first released.

GEMINI! Album Tracklist

  1. On They Way Save
  2. Courtesy Save
  3. CTA 2 Bach Save
  4. All Love Save
  5. BIGGAVEL by LUCKI & Lil Yachty Save
  6. Gerskiway by LUCKI, Rylo Rodriguez & Veeze Save
  7. BRAZY4real Save
  8. EXOTIC Save
  9. BBY GOAT by LUCKI & Future Save
  10. KYLIE!!! Save
  11. Dotted Line Save
  12. SIGNED UP Save
  13. TWIN FLOW by LUCKI & Veeze Save
  14. 3 SMRS STR8 by LUCKI, Rylo Rodriguez & 42 Dugg Save
  15. X6 Save
  17. Heavy On My Heart Save
  18. Ski What It Be Save
  19. RIP Save
  20. OUTRO Save

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Released June 14, 2024

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