ALBUM: Peso Pluma – ÉXODO

Peso Pluma, a musician from Guadalajara, released his fourth studio album, ÉXODO, in the wake of his GÉNESIS project.

Similar to the previous album, this one’s title alludes to Christianity and the Bible, notably to “Exodus,” the second book of the Old Testament.

The Greek word “exodus,” which meaning “departure” or “departure,” is whence its name originates.

Exodus and Genesis are two of the Pentateuch, or Torah, the first five books of the Bible, and they are closely tied to one another. The story of “Exodus” picks up where “Genesis” leaves off.


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ÉXODO Album Tracklist

  1. LA DURANGO by Peso Pluma, Junior H & Eslabon Armado
  2. ME ACTIVO by Peso Pluma & Jasiel Nuñez
  3. LA PATRULLA by Peso Pluma & Neton Vega
  4. LA PEOPLE II by Peso Pluma, Tito Double P & Joel De La P
  5. SR. SMITH by Peso Pluma & Luis R Conriquez
  6. ROMPE LA DOMPE by Peso Pluma, Junior H & Óscar Maydon
  7. MAMI by Peso Pluma & Chino Pacas
  8. BELANOVA by Peso Pluma & Tito Double P
  10. HOLLYWOOD by Peso Pluma & Estevan Plazola
  11. RELOJ by Peso Pluma & Ivan Cornejo
  12. ICE
  14. SANTAL 33 by Peso Pluma & Óscar Maydon
  15. VINO TINTO by Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano & Gabito Ballesteros
  16. 14 – 14
  17. Gimme a Second by Rich The Kid & Peso Pluma
  18. PUT EM IN THE FRIDGE by Peso Pluma & Cardi B
  19. PA NO PENSAR by Peso Pluma & Quavo
  20. PESO COMPLETO by Peso Pluma & Arcángel
  21. BELLAKEO by Peso Pluma & Anitta
  22. MALA by Peso Pluma & Ryan Castro
  23. TOMMY & PAMELA by Peso Pluma & Kenia Os
  24. TEKA by DJ Snake & Peso Pluma

Released June 21, 2024

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