ALBUM: Ryder-Jones – Iechyd DaBill

Iechyd Da, the most ambitious record by Bill Ryder-Jones to date, is masterfully crafted and vast in scale.

The last few years of creating other artists have given us the gentle prod to venture into new areas, from kids choirs and delicate strings to radically re-contextualized disco sounds. These moments have been at times joyful and big, at other times private and devastating.

“Making this has been amazing,” he remarks. Even with everything that has transpired in my life, I am incredibly happy with it. When people ask if recording a record is cathartic, I’ve always railed against it, but this one genuinely was.

Iechyd DaBill Album Tracklist

I Know That It’s Like This (Baby)
A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart pt. 3
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
We Don’t Need Them
I Hold Something In My Hand
This Can’t Go On
…And The Sea…
Nothing To Be Done
It’s Today Again
How Beautiful I Am
Thankfully For Anthony
Nos Da

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released January 12, 2024

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