ALBUM: SPRINTS – Letter To Self

“Letter To Self,” SPRINTS’ debut album, captures the band’s significant development over the previous three years.

With two critically praised EPs under their belt and an intimidating live reputation, the Dublin four-piece have progressively gained recognition for their ability to transform suffering into truth, passion into purpose, and endurance into power.

“Letter To Self” represents the sound of SPRINTS leveling up and consolidating. displaying its weakest points and adding a tangible feeling of catharsis to their violent garage-punk that is beneficial to all of us.

Letter To Self Album Tracklist

Shaking Their Hands
Adore Adore Adore
Shadow of a Doubt
Can’t Get Enough of It 
Literary Mind
A Wreck (A Mess)
Letter to Self 

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Released January 5, 2024

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