Announcements from Apple at WWDC 2024: iOS 18, iPadOS, Siri 2.0, and more

Apple initiated a new chapter in artificial intelligence, dubbed Apple Intelligence, to represent the AI-enabled capabilities that will be available on a number of its devices later this year. An early look at what Apple Intelligence has to offer in the form of writing, image editing, and organization tools with AI support was presented by Apple at WWDC 2024.

At first, Apple Intelligence will only appeal to a small number of people. Only the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and any Mac or iPad using Apple’s M series CPUs will be able to utilize the capabilities. Devices that are older will not be used.

The features that Apple unveiled at its developer conference include writing ideas that can be added to apps like Mail, where you may receive recommendations for document structure and tone. You can make your own emoji with the image editing tools, and an Image Playground that generates images based on prompts is also available. One of the photo-editing tools, called Magic Eraser, may be used to eliminate background items from photos and to compile images and videos into a tale according to your prompts.

While some functions may be offloaded to secure Apple services, Apple Intelligence features will primarily operate on compatible devices. Apple maintains that it will neither access or retain any information pertaining to its Intelligence operations.

Though it wasn’t the only news made at WWDC, Apple Intelligence was undoubtedly the main event. Additionally, we learned that Apple has the following software upgrades scheduled for the year:

  • iOS 18: With the addition of Face ID app locking, you’ll have more customization options for your control center and home screen. Upgrades to Mail, Maps, and Messages are among the extra features. A significant revamp of Photos is also included.
  • iPadOS 18: All of the above features for the iPhone are also coming to the iPad, which also gets its own calculator app, plus a floating tool bar across multiple built-in apps.
  • macOS Sequoia: Also referred to as macOS 15, this future software update for Mac computers will bring with it enhancements to Safari, including page summaries, and new Continuity features that let you use your iPhone from your Mac.
  • watchOS 11: A number of new fitness-focused features are being added to Apple’s wearable software. Highlights include the ability to suspend ring progress for rest days and injuries without losing your streaks, and Training Load, which gauges the intensity of your workouts. Your health metrics are gathered by the Vitals app, which notifies you if anything is out of balance. Smart stacking and photo watch features are enhanced by UI tweaks.
  • visionOS 2: With support for additional gestures, the Vision Pro program enables the conversion of 2D images into spatial images. In addition, Apple is introducing its headset in other non-US nations.
  • tvOS 18: A feature called InSight, which provides information about the actors that appear in the shows you’re viewing, will be included to the software that runs Apple TV sets. (Any resemblance to the X-Ray feature on Prime Video is entirely coincidental.) When you mute a show or fast-forward a few seconds, subtitles can begin automatically. Additionally, dialogue audio will be improved.

During WWDC, two editors from Tom’s Guide are at Apple’s Cupertino offices filing reports, with the rest of the crew following the live blog from a distance. Watch the WWDC live stream below, and check back often for updates explaining the specifics of Apple’s latest announcements.

According to the reports we’ve heard, WWDC 2024 should have a jam-packed schedule. However, despite predictions that a new Apple TV set-top box would be unveiled, it’s doubtful that any new hardware will be revealed during the inaugural. Rather than doing so, it is anticipated that Apple would use the keynote to go over the software changes for this year in general and the role AI will play specifically.

What we know thus far about the anticipated Apple software previews today is as follows. Remember that during this week’s WWDC, Apple is probably going to provide developer copies of this software. The complete versions are anticipated by fall, with public betas often available by July. That’s how Apple has handled things in the past, at least.

Biggest Expected Announcements for WWDC 2024

iOS 18: With generative picture editing capabilities and summary tools coming to your iPhone, Apple’s phone software ought to benefit the most from the emphasis on AI. We’ve heard that in order to utilize AI capabilities, your iPhone 15 Pro or later is required, although it’s unclear if this refers to on-device AI or anything else connected to the AI features Apple intends to talk about.

In addition to AI, the iOS 18 upgrade is expected to provide a new home screen layout that allows you to arrange apps anywhere you choose. Along with new design elements for the Control Center and Settings app, there are rumors of several other potential app updates, including improved Calendar/Reminders integration and personalized Maps routes. It’s possible that Apple will release a password manager of its own.

iPadOS 18: Since this is happening in iOS 18, it should also occur in iPadOS 18, the software update that is supposed to provide Apple’s tablet AI capabilities. Furthermore, iPad owners ought to at last have access to a personal calculator program. We may have to wait until the stylus actually ships to find out more about the alleged “squeeze” feature that would activate the device’s eraser. Features linked to the anticipated Apple Pencil 3 may also be included in the new iPad OS.

Like iOS 18, macOS 15 is expected to focus heavily on artificial intelligence. Many of the capabilities that Apple discusses are also planned for Macs that have an M1 processor. Changes to Siri that are rumored to be occurring include a redesign of System Settings and the iPhone. Updates to Voice Memos, Calculator, Notes, and Safari are all planned; the majority of the updates will be around AI.

watchOS 11: Prior to WWDC, there were few rumors circulating regarding the upcoming iteration of Apple’s wristwatch software. However, rumors suggest both the Fitness app and the Siri UI have been modified.

tvOS 18 and visionOS 2.0: New iterations of the operating systems that power Apple TV devices, tvOS and visionOS, as well as the software for the Vision Pro headset, are also anticipated. The latter upgrade will probably provide more environments along with support for iPad apps that are available in Vision Pro versions. Put differently, don’t anticipate a significant redesign of the Vision Pro program this time around.

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