Christopher, the son of Pierce Brosnan, returns to the public eye following his separation from his father due to addictions

After being sighted on an errand in London on Friday, Christopher Brosnan, the estranged son of James Bond actor, made a rare public appearance this week. It appears like Christopher, 51, is going about his career as anyone would, roughly 20 years after Brosnan, 71, severed his son because to his battle with addiction.

As an assistant director, he collaborated with his father on films including “Robinson Crusoe,” “The World Is Not Enough,” and “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

But since his struggle with addiction was made public, he hasn’t been seen. However, he was seen on camera departing a London Waitrose food store on Friday.

Christopher had a thin face and was dressed casually in trousers and Converse sneakers, an olive green gilet, and a red sweatshirt. The Englishman had on a backwards navy blue baseball cap, revealing his shaggy brown hair. He was walking down the street by himself, a reusable Waitrose bag clutched in his palm.

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