Frankfurt’s plans for the European Football Championship look like this

The European Football Championship is poised to begin play in Frankfurt, after years of preparation. Highlights will include the floating football pitch, fan zone, and opening show. The organizers’ preparations were nearly derailed by the volume of water on the Main.

The city of Frankfurt’s offer to host the 2024 European Football Championship almost fell through at the weekend: 38 centimeters more flooding and the public viewing technology in and along the Main would have had to be dismantled, said Mayor Mike Josef (SPD) on Tuesday at a city press conference on the highlights of Frankfurt’s European Championship weeks.

Between Friedensbrücke and Eiserner Steg is a fan zone

The city of Friedensbrücke and Eiserner Steg is organizing a “open-air football festival” with an associated program for the European Championships. Ten LED displays in all will broadcast all 51 European Championship games in this so-called fan zone. After 10 p.m. during the European Championships, noise is also permitted.

The biggest is the “Big Screen”, a floating structure that is secured in the water at the Peace Bridge’s level. Up to 30,000 football supporters can celebrate simultaneously in the fan zone. It costs nothing to enter.

Wednesday’s kickoff before the European Championship’s official start

The European Championship extravaganza in Frankfurt will begin on Wednesday, June 12th, with an opening performance on the Main Stage in lieu of a football match. According to tourist manager Thomas Feda, a “stadium atmosphere” light show is scheduled for the Flößerbrücke. The opening match of the European Championship takes place in Munich on Friday between the German national team and Scotland.

The ceremony will be hosted by HR sports presenter Martina Knief, whose voice is laced with historical references. Football legends’ voices, for instance, will be audible. Officially, the fan zone will open on Friday, June 14th.

Not only football

It’s not just going to be football at the Frankfurt tournament, despite the excitement surrounding the European Championship. The city intends to make the outdoor celebration both family- and universally-friendly. For this reason, a free schedule of music, movies, and cultural events is organized, particularly on days when there are no games. Musicians like Michael Schulte and Milow will perform on the stages while movies with a football theme will be shown on the large screens.

Sentiment and durability

It was debatable in advance if Frankfurt would ultimately profit from the European Championships. Among other things, the topic of security surrounding the main train station and the sustainability of an event of size are being examined.

On Tuesday, Mayor Josef supported the city’s idea. The stadiums would be permanently restored rather than only momentarily. Furthermore, the security idea made sense. Josef emphasized again and again that Frankfurt’s first priority was to be hospitable.

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