iPhone sales are rising but prices are still declining

Large discounts contributed to the spike in popularity of Apple’s iPhone, which saw a 52% year-over-year increase in exports to China, according to reports from international media.

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology has released its most recent data, which indicates that China’s mobile phone market delivered 24.071 million units in April—a 28.8% rise in units year over year. An estimated 3.5 million of them come from international brands. The great bulk of these gadgets are iPhones. This year’s iPhone sales started out the year with a steep fall, but in March they started to rise again. Since the start of 2024, Apple and its Chinese wholesalers have been lowering their prices, and they have kept up these promotions throughout the 6.18 China Shopping Festival sales season.

Analysts Sean Chen and Steven Tseng wrote: “We think China’s high-end trend may be to blame for the reversal of consumer interest. Only 33% of respondents presently own high-end smartphones, but more over half said they would be ready to spend more than 4,000 yuan (US$550) on their next phone.”

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