Iran Helicopter Accident Investigation Report

At a high height, the Iranian President Raihi’s chopper caught fire. The first Iranian helicopter crash inquiry report on the late President Raihi and his entourage was made public by the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces on the 23rd of local time. According to the report, the Iranian President’s downed chopper had no bullet marks on it.

  1. The helicopter followed the predetermined course and did not deviate from it.
  2. The pilot of the accident helicopter spoke with the pilots of the other two helicopters in the flight group around fifteen minutes prior to the accident.
  3. The wrecked portions of the helicopter did not have any bullet marks or comparable damage.
  4. After ascending to a great height, the downed helicopter caught fire.
  5. Owing to the intricate circumstances in the region, dense fog, and low temperatures, the search and rescue mission was prolonged and continued into the night. At 5 a.m. on May 20, Iranian drones assisted in pinpointing the accident site.
  6. There were no unusual circumstances in the chat between the crew and the tower.

The report also stated that while the majority of the data pertaining to this helicopter accident has been gathered, Iran still needs more time to evaluate some of the stuff.

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