LeBron James receives assistance from Pat McAfee, who supports JJ Redick.

Not only does LeBron James seem to have JJ Redick’s back, but Pat McAfee also offered his assistance following considerable criticism of Redick’s hiring as the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to reports on Friday, Redick has reached an agreement to take Darvin Ham’s post as head coach of the Lakers, following the latter’s disastrous 2023–24 NBA season.

The former NBA player, who spent 15 seasons as a professional before retiring in 2021, is an analyst for ESPN at the moment.

With several seasoned assistants at his disposal, he will be taking on a significant amount of responsibility in his first coaching position of any type.

His lack of expertise has drawn a lot of attention, especially in light of the Lakers’ recent form problems.

However, TV personality McAfee backed Redick and chastised his peers for their misgivings about him. “I don’t appreciate or like how JJ Redick has been talked about by a lot of people who have been co-workers of JJ Redick…” McAfee stated on the radio show.

“His basketball accomplishments would make you think, ‘Oh, this guy might be a good coach.'” And JJ Redick now had the job, or appeared to have the job. Many on television are behaving as though he is not the best candidate for the position.

“There is a lot of talk about JJ, but nothing that makes sense. Is it at that level of pettiness because, possibly, they weren’t the ones who knew that JJ Redick was, maybe going to be [the next Lakers head coach]?”

LeBron James’s pivotal role

Basketball fans enjoy listening to Redick and Lakers player LeBron James’ podcast, “Mind the Game,” because it features in-depth analysis and tactical critiques.

The Lakers’ powerful figure James, 39, is rumored to have supported Redick when the team started looking for a new coach.

Rich Paul, however, claimed to Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report that James was “not involved” in the hunt for Ham’s replacement, despite his clear desire for him to assume the position.

It implies that the four-time NBA champion will be coached by a man who is several months his junior, with Redick slated to take the helm of a team that has won 17 championships.

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