Mrs. GREEN APPLE – コロンブス (Colombus)

The Japanese ensemble Mrs. Green Apple collaborated with Coca-Cola on the song “Colombus,” which was made as part of the Coke Studio music program.

On June 5, 2024, a 15-second TV ad teasing the song was released, along with a social media graphic of the release schedule.

More explanation of the “コロンブス (Colombus)” song

But soon after it was made available online on June 12, 2024, the music video caused a lot of controversy due to its representation of racial stereotypes, bigotry, and what appeared to be a celebration of colonialism.

The group members are shown in the video teaching the three people how to pull themselves around in carts like apes and giving them salutes.

The song’s lyrics and artwork drew harsh criticism for elevating Christopher Columbus—a historical figure best known for driving Indigenous people from their ancestral lands—above all others.

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