ronald – falling in reverse ft tech n9ne & alex terrible

“Ronald” is the newest single from “falling in reverse” and one of the top 100 songs on YouTube Music.

Falling in Reverse features American rapper Tech N9ne and Alex Horrible, who each contribute a unique verse to the song.

Themes of disappointment, existential struggle, and rebellion against misfortune are explored in Falling in Reverse. The lead vocalist, Ronnie Radke, muses on the brutal facts of life while battling personal demons, societal deterioration, and mortality. The song expresses an unwillingness to give up on hope while examining the darkness that permeates the world and the mental turmoil it causes. The lyrics express a sense of urgency and resistance through strong imagery and unfiltered emotion, imploring listeners to face their fears and embrace perseverance in the face of hardship.

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quotable lyrics

Once upon a time, everything was alright
I used to feel safe, not a worry in sight
Then I grew up, quickly realized
The world is a fucked up place sometimes
Death is at your door
Reaching in from the other side
It’s time to cut the cord
Hangin’ on like a parasite, go (Ah)
Hangin’ on like a parasite
Hangin’ on like a parasite

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