Tekno – Jogodo

Tekno, a Nigerian musician, launched the hit song “Jogodo” in 2018.

The song’s foundation is a sample of Danfo Drivers’ 1989 song “Kpolongo,” which Tekno was allegedly not granted permission to perform.

The lively Afrobeat song “Jogodo” has a danceable beat and a memorable hook.

The song’s lyrics talk of dancing and having fun. Tekno and his group can be seen dancing and having a good time in a variety of settings in the music video for the song, which also highlights Nigerian dress and culture.

“Jogodo” achieved considerable radio and streaming figures, indicating its commercial success. Tekno, however, settled the dispute with the Danfo Drivers and gave them credit for the original song as a result of the uproar over the unapproved sample.

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