The latest to embrace the concept that “Caitlin Clark needs to toughen up” is Dwyane Wade.

A variety of uninvited advise has been given to Caitlin Clark by some of the biggest names in the NBA and WNBA.

One of the greatest players in Miami Heat history, Dwyane Wade, is the most recent to do it. However, Wade has a bias in this discussion because he owns a portion of the Chicago Sky.

If my memory serves me correctly, Angel Reese plays for the same team. Wade was not pleased with Reese after he received a flagrant 1 elbow to the head during a recent Chicago Sky vs. Indiana Fever game. Since everyone has a podcast these days, in his podcast. Wade desired to discuss the rookie dispute with Caitlin Clark.

Wade adopted the same strategy as previous NBA players, believing that Caitlin Clark had to fortify herself as a rookie in order to succeed later on. But given his allegiances, it’s difficult to believe he is impartial. Dwyane Wade stated the following on his podcast: “I’m viewing this Caitlin Clark chat with everyone vaguely, as though I already knew what transpired when I first arrived my freshman year. “Hey, you got to show us that you built for this league,” is what all of this is about. that performance starring Angel. It was a play in basketball. merely a segment of basketball. Just attempting to get the block and make a play with the ball is all it is. It takes place.”

Does Caitlin Clark need to become as tough as Wade suggests?

We can certainly make the case that Caitlin Clark ought to experience some hardships as a rookie in the WNBA if we eliminate the obvious. She does need to toughen up—not just in the first year, but over the first few years. assuming her projection is as good as it looks. We could very well be watching a future Hall of Famer, but she has to overcome the greatest to become the greatest. There appears to be a firm distaste for her at this point, though it’s a little difficult to pinpoint. But we’ll talk about that later.

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