Thousands of fans celebrate their football star in the Heidewald stadium as Laola waves and Ronaldo yells.

Heidewald Stadium in Gütersloh is filled with thousands of supporters celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese national team.

Since 6 p.m., the team has been doing a public training session for the European Championship there. Every move that superstar Ronaldo makes is met with fervent fan reaction.

Every time Ronaldo has the ball, the crowd lets out a tremendous cheer, and we can hear the cries for Ronaldo and the waves of Mexico. Before being carried away, one streaker was able to snap a selfie with Ronaldo.

Hundreds of kilometers were traveled by some fans to witness the football star in person. Even a fan bus from Portugal made the trip. Disappointed spectators who had not obtained tickets conversed in front of the stadium with stewards. The police in Gütersloh declared they would punish troublemakers severely.

Police reach a conclusive judgment.

According to the Gütersloh police, the Portuguese national team’s public training went well.Most of the spectators in front of the Heidewald Stadium acted civilly.

Four people who attempted to enter the stadium without a ticket by climbing over the fence are the subject of an investigation by the police.

In the process, a 16-year-old boy from Bielefeld hurt his hand. The police are looking into two people who attempted to enter the stadium using fictitious tickets. Over 8,000 fans showed up for the open training in total.

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