“We don’t need Botox!” says Marianne Rosenberg in self-defense against social pressure to look good.

Marianne Rosenberg has long been considered a pop legend in Germany thanks to her song “Er gehört zu mir” (which means “He belongs to me”). She now discusses the industry’s pressure to be beautiful and its fixation with beauty candidly.

Marianne Rosenberg released her new album “Bunter Planet” just a few days ago. This is her 20th studio album and it won’t be her last musical masterpiece. The singer is far from done in the industry, even though younger artists are increasingly making their way onto the pop stage. Marianne Rosenberg is fed up with the youth craze and fed up with the fact that women are becoming less and less noticed in society as they get older.

Marianne Rosenberg: “Never accept that your time is running out.

“Never let anyone tell you that your time is over,” Marianne Rosenberg argues in a “Bunte” interview. Just because she is getting older doesn’t mean that she will stop creating songs. A difficult mindset to maintain at times, given that it is difficult for women of her age to remain in demand without the use of cosmetic procedures like Botox or facelifts. Even Marienne Rosenberg would turn down these aesthetic treatments. She is “terrified” of them, nevertheless, not because of any moral concerns.

Marianne Rosenberg opposes discrimination based on age.

Marianne Rosenberg is even more in support of women having the guts to be themselves in the face of ageism. The pop singer exclaims, “We need respect, not Botox!” She laments that society prevents older women from pursuing their goals or finding real love. “Now that we’re not permitted to be sexy, we should be ready to become grandmothers. Is it even feasible to do that?” claims Marianne Rosenberg, who also discloses that she has personally encountered age prejudice while presenting her anniversary album to several record labels or backstage at television performances. The greatest illustration of how singers her age can still be successful is Marianne Rosenberg.

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