Who is Simon Charles? (@simonz_gram) “The Boy Who Claps”

12-year-old Simon Charles from Nairobi, Kenya, becomes famous by clapping for each Instagram follower he receives.

With zero followers on his first post and 17 followers the next day, Simon joined the practice of clapping for every follower he received on Instagram, and as of today, May 10, 2024, he has roughly 286k followers. Isn’t that amazing?

He thanked all of his followers on his Instagram profile and gave them a round of applause for following up, marking the beginning of his journey as a content creator.

The 12-year-old Simon receives about 50,000 new followers per day, which is a fantastic accomplishment for someone his age doing such a simple work.

When he adds, “I saw a trend where people are doing X for X followers, and I decided to follow that trend,” he opts to clap for each follower and express gratitude for them.

Simon talked more about his new career and his call from NEWS BREAKFAST. “I was recognized in public once when I was going to order food,” Simon adds.

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