Why Is WhoGoHost Such a Danger to Blogging?

Is WhoGoHost, now branded as GO54, a company that offers domain names and hosting services to companies, really such a threat to the hosting of your blog?

Many websites have complained about their websites going down and becoming inactive due to the renowned web hosting company WhoGoHost.

Why Is WhoGoHost Not the Best Choice for Hosting Your New Blog?

In light of the most recent Trustpilot review as well as a negative one that one of the European bloggers encountered, “The worst hosting company on earth.
We made sure our hosting renewal fees where paid before due date they went ahead and suspend account even after all payment bank receipt.
I will greatly discourage any one.
We will be moving to a more responsible platform.” Will you still be persuaded to launch a blog with WhoGoHost hosting after reading such a review?

I suggested that before choosing any web hosting provider to be your new host, bloggers should thoroughly research, search, and read reviews from different sources before conclusion.

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