Wind gust warning: The weather in the NRW is still unpredictable.

In NRW, the wind is picking up. The German Weather Service is alerting people to possible wind gusts across the entire state. Overall, the weather will continue to fluctuate.

In NRW, there will be storms: The German Weather Service reports that a powerful yet tiny area of low pressure is sweeping throughout the state. There could be gusts of between 60 and 70 km/h starting at 6 p.m. It is possible for strong gusts to reach up to 90 km/h and for rare tornadoes to occur during intense downpours or thunderstorms. After that, there will be a drop in the likelihood of thunderstorms during the night.

Weather in NRW: Branches that fall could be dangerous

Not as much wind, though: “In the west and at the beginning of the night in high mountainous areas, isolated gusts of around 80 km/h are likely,” the DWD says. The first part of the night will see these pass over the west of the nation, while the second part will see them pass over the east.

There is a risk from flying objects or falling branches. In NRW, people need to be cautious of falling objects and secure any free-standing items.

The NRW weather is still unpredictable.

On Tuesday morning the wind will pick up again: the DWD warns of speeds between 55 and 70 kilometers per hour. The weather will remain changeable.

As of Tuesday afternoon, showers and isolated thunderstorms are possible. It will become less precipitous in the evening. There will be a 15–18 degree Celsius temperature range.

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